What's CreativeARQ?

CreativeARQ is a design group that works with ceramics (Ceramista), wood (Pladec) and digital printing (For-Arte) to develop wall cladding panels and other products.

We create stunning pieces featuring recycled and locally sourced materials, designed by talented artisans and carpenters.


What is CreativeARQ?

CreativeARQ results from the merging of three companies: Pladec (wood and other materials) , Ceramista (ceramics ) and For-Arte (digital printing)
Our job is delivering products that satisfy demand for quality, aesthetics and beauty. Our team consists of skilled artisans and carpenters, graphic designers and a creative office that is constantly at work.

A whole lot of materials!

Out-of-the-box, tridimensional ceramics
Woodworking creativity and talent
High-quality prints over flat surfaces

See our collections!

Lava 4

Lava Stone

Glazed stones for relaxing and vibrating properties.

Ecological Panels

Innovative ecological piece with sustainability and local development in mind....

Old Barrels

Recycled barrels translated to contemporary design.


Great designs

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