About us

What is CreativeARQ?

The CreativeArq group is a company dedicated to interior and architectural solutions with over 15 years of experience in design production.  The group consists of three brands: Ceramista (ceramics). Pladec (woods and mixed materials) and For-Arte (digital printing). 

Our focus is delivering beautiful and clever solutions for every need and every taste.

What is our story?

Our experience started in 2002, with the creation of ThePoloArt by our CEO and creative director, João Pinto. This was a wall art company, focused on delivering artistic paintings for interior decoration with the use of materials such as ceramics, clay, and gypsum. After the success in the portuguese market, our product range continued growing.

As the company started expanding, Pladec was created. This marked the beginning of our international presence and a lot of new products, using wood, metals and a combination of peculiar materials (as you can see by our product page). After a rapid expansion, we decided to be even more versatile, and the creation of Ceramista followed. This enabled us to provide ceramic solutions and to develop a line of award-winning ecological products.

Recently, we have been focusing on developing our product collection even further, increasing our ability to provide every solution architects and interior designers need. We have designers, artisans, CNC machines, carpentry and a ceramics studio. All of this with one thing in mind: achieving the aesthetics every designer is looking for.

Where are you from?

Braga, Portugal

A beautiful city in the north of our country. Visit our showroom!

Do you do custom panels?


We have a lot of versatility! Talk to us and see what we can do for you

How long is the delivery?

30 days + shipping time

We usually take 3-4 weeks for production. Shipping time depends on delivery location.

A whole lot of products!

Acoustic panels and CNC machining
Traditional ceramics transformed
Custom-made original carpentry
Digital prints over every flat surface

A whole lot of materials!

Where we are:

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