Ceramista is a brand of the CreativeARQ group that explores the limits of ceramic tiles. Through handmade manufacturing, innovative design and historical inspirations, there isn’t another collection that can strike a design quite like ours.

Ceramista’s collections have three recurring themes: tesselations, natural elements and portuguese history.

Tesselations are common in the ceramic tile industry. However, we like to explore different patterns  in three dimensions, creating stand-out effects that enhance the projects even further. We’d really like to talk with Escher for some ideas, though.

The natural elements we explore come from direct visualization of the elements. The Pico tile, for example, takes its inspiration from water swirls that were observed in the Pico island , in the Azores.

At last, the portuguese history cannot be ignored if you’re manufacturing tiles. The azulejo is a traditional element of Portugal’s artistic landscape. So we decided to combine tiles with other elements that are inherently portuguese. An example is the Pipo tile, which recreates wine barrels.

All of  our tiles create a different environment in every place, through any color, and that’s our goal: to create truly beautiful, imaginative, and interesting projects.

Our ceramic tiles are imagined and produced in Braga, Portugal. Designed and manufactured by experienced artisans.

Talk to us if you have an idea!

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