Ceramista is CreativeARQ's brand of ceramics.

Ceramista's work starts with stone and tridimensional ceramics to create versatile and unusual products. Through different techniques and inspirations, great pieces and patterns are achieved.

Lava stone: basaltic stones, glazed with different colours.
3D Ceramic: tridimensional ceramics with unusual, stand-out patterns.

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We offer over 50 different tiles, each one more amazing than the other.

Ceramista’s goal is to create splashbacks, feature walls and other sorts of amazing surfaces that have an important aesthetic effect.  Through the tridimensional look we provide, these tiles stand-out in an amazing way, catching amazed looks from everyone that walks by, like the glowing cubite tile.

Our inspirations start from traditional portuguese tile patterns to elements of our everyday life, such as plants.

We can glaze every tile in any colour.

If you have a tile that you would like to create, talk to us! We can also do custom moulds.

If you’d like to see these tiles in person, come visit our showroom! We do a lot of other things, such as CNC carving, digital printing, and laser carving.

We offer a big range of shapes, with our ceramic 3D collection customize you can choose your color