How to order a panel

Step 1: choose something you like

Choose a surface from our product page. Make sure it is compatible with your project, as some products might be unsuitable for exteriors, for example.

Usually, we’re able to advise you on which panels to pick, as well how to apply them.

Step 2: tell us about the details

We work by measurement, and according to the technical drawings of the project.

To start production, we need to know what sizes will be needed, how many panels and other cut-outs, such as details for plugs, electricity panels and other small parts that need to be accounted for.

Step 3: production and delivery

Our standard production time is around 30 – 45 days, which can change, according to order size and affluency.

As of 29-11-2022, our delivery date is 45 days.

If transport is needed, we can plan the transportation for you.





Our contacts: 

Rua de Porrões 66 – Cunha (Braga)



(+351) 253 287 123 
Standard fixed portuguese line cost

Collections that might interest you

An environment with a wood panel. In the photo, there's a gray couch with a wood wall background. This wood wall is composed of wood patterns with a geometrical shape. Some of the patterns have a greater detail, as others almost look like plain wood.
An accent wall made from natural raw wood, mixing simple strips.
A cork panel for surfaces like walls or funitures
recycled vine design

Questions people usually ask us:

Where are you based?

Our factory is located in Braga, Portugal. However, we have a lot of distributors around the world. You can see the full list here.

What's your main business

We decorate walls in a different, stand-out way. Our goal is to create interesting surfaces that differentiate projects and create new trends. To do just that, we use materials that no one else uses, which allows us to create things no one else has seen.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Although we have standard sizes for most products, we create custom sizes for different projects so that the final customer can apply the panels without professional help.  Even if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, application is quick and easy.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! Most of our business is outside of Portugal. You can see our agents here or, if your country does not have a distributor, you can contact us directly.

How long does production take?

We usually take 30 days for production. If there’s an unusual affluence of orders, this time might expand. We’ll always give you a heads up if things are getting busy.

Is sustainability important to you?

Yes. We take sustainability and environmental responsability very seriously. Our production facilities are solar powered, we recycle materials and we even work with used wood (as you can see in the Old Barrel collection)

Can I visit your facilities?

Yes! We welcome everyone that wants to learn more about what we do. Plus, we love discussing ideas, so if you have a project where you need some feedback, feel free to talk with us!

What materials do you work with?

We’re constantly improving our product base. As of the moment, we work with:


  • Wood (softwoods or hardwoods, as well as MDF)
  • Wood veneers
  • Ceramics
  • Stone (lava stone, in particular)
  • Reclaimed materials, such as vintage timber)
  • Metal 
  • Cork
  • Recycled materials
  • CNC Machining ( tridimensional carving and perforation)
  • Laser engraving and cutting (soft materials and metal)
  • Digital printing (ink over any flat surface)
  • Traditional carpentry services (custom finishes, panel sizing, etc)

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