Wood and every material you can think of

PLADEC is a brand of the CreativeARQ group that works with wood and recycled panels, creating unusual wood walls and other interior claddings.

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Interested in creating your own design?

As creatives ourselves, we know ideas are constantly coming up. That’s why we can help you develop your own custom panel, with patterns and veneers just as you want them.

You can e-mail us at info@creativearq.com , telling us what you’d like to do and how. We’ll help you through every stage of the process.

A growing collection of more than 200 references

Our products are one of a kind: we only offer full concept products with multiple customize design and finish.

We understand that for you it’s also important to have your unique design options, and you can trust us to guide you through a large collection of materials to enrich your creative vision!

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