What is this?

The COFFEE reference has a series of surfaces that are made from wasted coffee grounds.  We developed a way to combine these wastes and transform them into boards or pieces with a great look and durability.

The hexagons featured in the design are made from coffee and other components, such as leaves or cork

What is the process and what materials do you use?

The process is quite simple: we recover the coffee grounds, treat them and create a board from it. Then, we can provide the material as a board or keep transforming it according to our concept.


Do the panels have an aroma?

Yes! Each panel has a characteric smell that is natural to the material. The coffee grounds panel will remind you of fresh ground coffee in the morning each time you walk by it.

Can you transform these panels?

Yes! You can see some patterns we created here.

What are the other characteristics?

We don’t have a standard dimension. Instead, we work by project, creating custom sizes for each one.

The grain and texture of the panel depends on the material. The coffee grounds panel is very smooth, similar to MDF.

We can use every material.

Production time is around 30 days plus shipping.

Do you think this product can be useful for your project?

Contact us at: info@creativearq.com

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