Cork panels – sustainable boards for walls

Description – cork panels for application on walls

The Cork Panels collection is a series of products that are transformed from raw cork to a finished surfacing material. Completely sustainable and environmentally friendly, our cork designs are composed of simple but noticeable patterns that enhance environments in a subtle way.

This way, each project can be decorated in a different style that is unusual, but modern.

Each panel is made with precise machining, with custom sizes for every order. This guarantees the easy and fast application of our products, which is a must for the companies that want to stay on schedule.

Cork is a sustainable and renewable material. When you decorate spaces with cork, you’re not only saving money in thermal and acoustic treatment, but you’re also protecting the environment, as cork is a fully ecologic material. Plus, we are powered by solar panels and we provide recycled solutions as well. When you’re dealing with us, you can rest assured that a genuine environmental concern is in place.

Manufacturing a cork board


The cork boards are manufactured using two different processes:

  • textured cork boards (TX in the reference)  – created using a thin cork layer and CNC machines that engrave a pattern.
  • handmade cork boards – created using a MDF board and individual pieces, which are placed together by artisanal manufacturing.

Some of the panels might combine both, ensuring a millimetric precision in the transforming of the pieces, as well as a experienced artisan quality check that provides an additional sense of quality.


Characteristics of the Cork Panels

  • Custom sizes: up to 2440cm by 1220cm / board
  • Seamless transitions in the handmade panels
  • Thickness from 12mm to 45mm
  • Sustainable and locally sourced (in Portugal)
  • MDF board as a base.


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