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Custom, personalized prints on every material


Our work is not only as a wallpaper company, but as a brand that delivers stand-out, high-quality, custom prints.

The great latex ink properties and high durability result in long-lasting images that are resistant to outdoor conditions, including temperature or humidity fluctuations. Average durability of our wallpaper is of 15+ years, compared to common prints, that should only last about 10.

We can print over any flat material, such as wood boards, metal plates and other surfaces. You can also see our wallpaper solutions here.

We’re also open as a producer for different manufacturers, like furniture. If you have a theme you’d like to print on furniture, bags or other sorts of materials, we can help you outsource your work with great cost effectiveness.

If you have an idea that could be turned into reality, talk to us! We’ll help you develop the best products, just as you imagined them. That’s why we work with latex ink and the latest digital printing technologies. This allows us to create different products.

  • Banners
  • posters
  • signage
  • displays
  • exhibition graphics
  • POP & POS
  • mock-ups
  • backlits
  • frontlits
  • self-adhesives (labels)
  • Niche applications: DVDs, wood, art reproductions, personalized objects, party gadgets, as well as architectural and interior decoration elements.

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