Flexible MDF

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What is this collection about?


The Flexible MDF collection , paired with the Mini-texture collection is a symbol of innovation and precision in woodworking.

Using simple, unfinished MDF,  this collection is only possible through a multidisciplinary design process that includes great attention to detail, carpentry know-how, and computerized machine programming.

Through this process, we’re able to create thin lines, curvy details and other tridimensional aspects with a low cost per square meter.

The patterns featured in this collection are meant to create environments with a sensation of elegance and equilibrium.

As these patterns get thinner, you’d expect a loss of quality, but every line is balanced with each other and no detail is left behind.


What can I use this for?


From clean straight lines to decorative patterns, the uses for these designs are infinite.

You can use it as a headboard or as a wall panel for an entire restaurant. The panels can be used as a  can choose a different color for a completely different mood. The options are endless, as carved wood can be worked in thousands of ways.

Most of the details go along well with scandinavian design, but we’ve seen amazing projects being created for all sorts of styles.

Application on walls, pillars, furniture and other flat surfaces that need covering.


Can you make a pattern I created?


We can do any pattern you’d like to create. Millimetric cuts, different heights, different materials can all be arranged, as we work with CNC machines to do anything you can think of. However, some flexible MDF patterns might not be so flexible if they are thicker.

If you want something more customizable and colorful, we use high-quality MDF to create Carved MDF that can be painted in any color of your choosing. Literally, any color that we know of (RAL, NCS or Pantone).

Optional finishes like varnishes and stains are available.




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