Metal Panels-Surfacing solutions using metal

The Metal panels Collection takes brass, copper, zinc, and other metals, creating different geometric arrangements. On top, there’s a rusty effect that contrasts with the natural colors of the metal, adding character to the panel.

This collection is characterized by the beautiful, classy tonalities, obtained both through its natural and manufacturing characteristics.

The manufacturing process starts with raw sheets of metals, like brass or zinc, which are very fragile, so handling must be slow and attentive. These raw sheets need to acquire the rich, vivid colors that only rusting processes can create. So, each sheet is slowly oxidated on the outdoors using saltwater, creating a different pattern as each day passes. After some time, these sheets are ready to be transformed into various formats. Next, the transformed metals are applied on a high-quality wood board, so that they’re further protected from rust and easily installed.  What you’re left with is a perfectly fitted, beautiful metal panel that can be applied to various surfaces, like furniture, walls, headboards, and others.

These metal panels are completely handmade. From the choosing of the metals to the packaging, you can be sure that each panel was inspected thoroughly at each phase of the manufacturing process. This ensures the quality that we strive to deliver.

Sizes are completely customizable, as each panel can go up to 2440mm by 1220mm. We guarantee a seamless union between panels.

Various metals are available. If you’d like to work with a metal of your choosing, talk to us.

We are open to custom-made works.

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