Natural Wood – Accent wall with a rustic look

Description (what’s an accent wall?)

Accent walls are a trend in modern design. With its rustic look, an accent wall features natural, raw wood cut in various sizes and rearranged in a geometrical pattern for better aesthetics. It’s a great idea for interior decoration, and that’s why we created the Natural wood collection.

Natural Wood is a collection created for environments of all styles. Using woods from lighter tones, like pine, to eucalyptus, this collection has a solution for every space, adding complexity and interesting features to any wall.

The application of these panels can happen in lots of places, since they’re custom-made. Walls, furniture, headboards, room dividers, you name it! Any surface can be enhanced through these panels.

The goal of the Natural Wood collection is to differentiate environments where walls tells a story about what you can expect from the room you just entered. It’s a way for restaurants to differentiate themselves through design, or even a way for an office to create a better space for workers or meetings.


The manufacturing process of accent walls


This collection has a thorough manufacturing process. Starting from big chunks of raw timber, experienced carpenters evaluate the wood for its quality and overall look. After, they treat it for humidity and biological resistance, and the big blocks are cut down into small wood strips. Each strip is then applied by hand to a custom-sized board, enabling better attention to detail. The board is shipped to the customer, ready-to-apply without professional help.

Since every panel is pre-formatted to the room, everything will fit nicely, creating a space where each piece feels like it was applied directly on the wall.

If you’re worried about quality: each panel is constantly being scanned by the artisans that produce the panel, from the first step to the last.  This way, we can avoid flaws from the moment we obtain the wood to the packing stage.



Materials: these panels are composed by natural woods on an MDF board, which are applied with high-strength adhesives.  We use various woods: pine, eucalyptus, ash, walnut and others.

Thickness: from 10mm, up to 40mm for some pieces.

Finishes: we can do custom finishes at your choice. Contact us for further information.

Sizes: every panel has a custom size, depending on the project. Boards up to 2400mm height.

Seams: the panels are seamless. We ensure the continuity between each panel.


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