Decorative Wall Panels – Origami Collection


The Origami collection is a a series of decorative wall panels created for both commercial and residential projects.

Using stand-out patterns with inspiration in natural elements, these designs are meant to completely transform a space with a single product, creating the space you or your client is looking for.


How we make them


The ORIGAMI collection is made with two things: a wood board and hundreds of individual pieces.

When we receive an order, we start producing the pieces that compose it. We use CNC machines to create each small piece with precision. This is a crucial step, as the pieces cannot be manufactured by hand.

After we obtain the pieces, we cut down a board with the customer requirements. This is the stage where we drill holes for plugs and electricity, and other requirements by the client.

Next, is the application stage. At this point, we have a board and the pieces that are going on top of it. What’s left is our magic.

An experienced artisan applies each piece by hand, forming patterned designs that look incredible and almost impossible to make.

The result is a high-resistance board that withstands both tests of quality and beauty.

These decorative wall panels guarantee a seamless, handmade and custom-sized design that’s really easy-to-apply, making projects faster and simple.



  • Custom measurements, chosen by the client, up to 2440mm by 1220mm.
  • Seamless union between panels.
  • Application on interiors.
  • Easy fixing on wall (hidden drilled holes on panel or silicon patch fix)
  • Optional finishes, such as varnishes and patinas available.
  • Other wood veneers available.
  • CNC machined pieces (high-precision wood manufacturing).
  • MDF basis with a optional fire-rating improvement.
  • Piece dimensions can change.

How to order

For production to start, all we need is the product reference, project size and customer requirements.

Please send us an e-mail to info@creativearq.com with this information and any other questions you might have.

Also, feel free to schedule a visit to our showroom, so you can see the panel in person. It’s located in Braga, Portugal.

You can also see our agents list to find out how you can get an order in your country.


Origami – Technical Datasheet.

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