The metal collection was designed for elegance. Through the use of metals like copper, brass, and zinc, these wall panels are meant to be fitted in projects where looks are important, but class is the priority.

The manufacturing process of designs like this has a focus on quality. First, it all starts with a sheet of metal, a complicated material to work with. That sheet is worked and transformed into individual pieces, using both artisanal and mechanical methods. That way, we can combine the precision of machinery with the details of craftsmanship.  After checking each piece for quality, they’re applied on a wood board, piece by piece. The board where the pieces are applied is already pre-fitted to the project so that installation is easy and cost-effective for the customer. In the end, the panel is checked, sanded, and packed safely for shipping.

A great product for hotels, restaurants, and other places where elegance is of utmost importance!

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