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Description – decorative slat wood panels


The decorative slat wood board design is a modern, luxurious-looking piece that comes in all sizes. A perfect solution for high-end projects, where quality and perfection are important.

This design comes in various sizes. We have a standard size (60cm by 60cm per panel), but we’re open to create custom sizes, up to 2,4m by 1,2m

The woods on the front can be oak or walnut, with different widths. The basis for this panel is an MDF panel, which can be fireproofed.



  • Solid walnut stripes using an MDF basis for creation.
  • Unique size: 60cm x 60cm
  • Thickness (MDF+ Stripes) : 27 mm.
  • Several patterns are available.
  • Not every piece is the same: every wood has its unique tonality
  • Multiple patterns form a set.

 Technical Data Sheet



Manufacturing a wood panel, slat by slat:


It all starts with obtaining the wood. We supply our woods from local producers that work with sustainable timber. Every board is analyzed for rot and humidity damage, since we only work with damage-free timbers.

After we obtain the boards, we cut them down into thin strips, with a homogeneous look.. Our carpenters work each strip, focusing on the best wood grain and texture that can be used for each panel.

The application uses an MDF basis with slots for the wood strips. After applying the strips, we apply the requested finishes, if needed (varnishes, mainly).

Our decorative slat wood panels are simple, efficient, beautiful, cost-effective and balanced. That’s how we created them, and that’s how they will be for years to come.


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