Our F1 Wallpaper is a very strong wallpaper. Printed with water-based eco-friendly inks, it can be applied in spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Its weight (350gr) allows covering cracks and even some existing reliefs.

This was the first Wallpaper we produced (12 years ago), developed by For-Arte we update the print system, but not the base, and our “Best Seller” it’s ready to continue being the number 1 in Portugal

Currently, our printing system is the most environmentally friendly, as it uses natural water-based pigments with thermal inkjet system.
This printing system complies with the Hotel Law and the EPA-US Standard in “Indoor Air Quality”, Solvent-Free and Eco-Solvent free.

We have our images and colors, however, we are also available to use and develop other images and designs according to your project.

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Contact us at: info@creativearq.com

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