Recycled Panels - Reusing natural, aromatic wastes

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The Recycled Panels collection is a series of recycled panels made purely from wasted materials. From coffee grounds to agricultural wastes, our work process uses only sustainable materials, working towards a more ecologically conscious interior design landscape.

The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process starts with retrieving natural materials from local producers, like lavender farms or vine fields. After the materials are transported to our solar-powered plant, a process for durability and quality starts, treating the plants, trims, and other biological materials obtained for resistance and durability. Then, the recycled materials are machined, creating individual pieces. Through hand application and a keen eye for detail, the pieces are fitted to a custom-sized wood board, which creates the natural effect you see on these panels.

Materials we use

We use a lot of materials. In fact, we can use every material, since we developed a work process that can create pieces from anything.  As a wild example, we created this piece with broken glass from a robbery. And no, we were not the robbers.

The designs obtained include geometric patterns that feel balanced and organized, blended with a slight aroma characteristic to the material. An innovative piece with zero environmental impact.

We only create pieces from reused materials. The goal of this collection is to change the way how we see recycled materials and their versatility. We want everyone to understand the potential application of sustainable and ecological materials in the design/architectural world. The ultimate goal is to create a new trend of ecological products.

Sizes and characteristics


We don’t have a standard dimension. Instead, we work by project, creating custom sizes for each one.

The materials are waterproof due to the low porosity and bonding material, which makes it impermeable to water

Each panel has an aromatic smell, depending on the materials we use. For example, the coffee grounds smell like freshly ground coffee.

The texture of the panel is similar to OSB . However, the side finishes are smooth.



Do you have an idea? Talk to us. We’re looking for new projects with environmentally conscious professionals. You can create your own pattern with your material.


Download the catalog here!

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